Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vote for Lauren Perciballi ( New face for E.L.F. cosmetics)

This is a little shout out to all of my amigos out there. I would love for you to vote for Lauren. Watch this short video with all the details. It only takes a minute to vote so I hope you will do it! Lauren is such a doll I really hope all the best for this amiga.

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Here is a little about Lauren I would like to share with you that she sent me.

"Besides teaching, I have a love for the arts. I have performed in high school productions, as well as in a production that was put on by the Upward Bound Program at New York University. Specifically, I love Acting and Stage Makeup. I enjoy helping people in preparation for a performance. I started the Makeup Production Crew in my high school and even if I had a part in the show, I would also do the other actors’ makeup, as well as scene design and costuming. Upon graduating from Edward R. Murrow High School in 2004, I was the only senior to receive a scholarship award for community service in theater, and this is something that I will always be proud of. I did not look at it as something I was going to awarded for, nor did I think I was going to receive anything for it. The award for me was being a part of the production in many different aspects, and helping others. I have also launched my own makeup related You Tube channel, where I post beauty related tutorials for various holidays, different color combinations, and various makeup themed looks. I have also created videos of various beauty events that I have attended, which has given me the opportunity to network and meet some great people in the industry. My attendance at a makeup event at the M.A.C. Pro Store in N.Y.C. landed me the opportunity to interview three makeup artists that influential and well known. As a result of this, my interviews have been featured on, which is a website owned by the You Tube famed be auty blogger and makeup artist named Elessa N. Vovan, who was one of the people that I interviewed. I live and breathe for my art. I believe that the true measure of an artist is not solely based on talent and technique. It is also based on the amount of time that a person gives to their art, the passion they exude for what they create, and a true appreciation for the art and the impact that it has on the industry as well as other people's lives. I have infused my knowledge in Teaching and in Makeup Artistry in hopes to educate people from all walks of life. I feel that I am truly blessed to have not only found two careers that I love, Early Childhood Education and Makeup Artistry, but to have also found a way to incorporate them together.

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