Monday, November 2, 2009

Inspira Latino Youth Leadership Conference

I get so excited when I see organizations reaching out to the young Latinos in this country. Did you know that Latinos have the lowest high school graduation rate? When I heard this, sadly it didn't surprise me. I hope after watching this each of us feels motivated to reach out to our young Latino brothers and sisters and encourage them to work hard and reach their full potential.

Many of you may know that my husband, referred to often as "The Mexican" is from a very small village in Mexico. His opportunities were few, yet his father has made it possible for each and everyone of his nine children to graduate from high school and receive a college education. My husband has shared many stories with the kids and I of times when they had nothing and yet his father always found the way to provide. Seven 0f the nine children in his family have received a college diploma or are in the process of it. (One is too young to have done that yet.) I know that even in the toughest poverty stricken situations there is a way to succeed, my husband is proof of that. It is my desire to help in any way that I can. Young Latinos need to know they are just as valuable as the next person and if they have a will there is a way.

Way to go! You guys are doing amazing things.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vote for Lauren Perciballi ( New face for E.L.F. cosmetics)

This is a little shout out to all of my amigos out there. I would love for you to vote for Lauren. Watch this short video with all the details. It only takes a minute to vote so I hope you will do it! Lauren is such a doll I really hope all the best for this amiga.

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Here is a little about Lauren I would like to share with you that she sent me.

"Besides teaching, I have a love for the arts. I have performed in high school productions, as well as in a production that was put on by the Upward Bound Program at New York University. Specifically, I love Acting and Stage Makeup. I enjoy helping people in preparation for a performance. I started the Makeup Production Crew in my high school and even if I had a part in the show, I would also do the other actors’ makeup, as well as scene design and costuming. Upon graduating from Edward R. Murrow High School in 2004, I was the only senior to receive a scholarship award for community service in theater, and this is something that I will always be proud of. I did not look at it as something I was going to awarded for, nor did I think I was going to receive anything for it. The award for me was being a part of the production in many different aspects, and helping others. I have also launched my own makeup related You Tube channel, where I post beauty related tutorials for various holidays, different color combinations, and various makeup themed looks. I have also created videos of various beauty events that I have attended, which has given me the opportunity to network and meet some great people in the industry. My attendance at a makeup event at the M.A.C. Pro Store in N.Y.C. landed me the opportunity to interview three makeup artists that influential and well known. As a result of this, my interviews have been featured on, which is a website owned by the You Tube famed be auty blogger and makeup artist named Elessa N. Vovan, who was one of the people that I interviewed. I live and breathe for my art. I believe that the true measure of an artist is not solely based on talent and technique. It is also based on the amount of time that a person gives to their art, the passion they exude for what they create, and a true appreciation for the art and the impact that it has on the industry as well as other people's lives. I have infused my knowledge in Teaching and in Makeup Artistry in hopes to educate people from all walks of life. I feel that I am truly blessed to have not only found two careers that I love, Early Childhood Education and Makeup Artistry, but to have also found a way to incorporate them together.

For more information on my art, please visit:

Lauren Perciballi
Free-Lance Makeup Artist
"Makeup By Lauren P"
You Tube:
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Natalia Maribojoc

Unbelievable! Girlfriend has some serious pipes! Here is the crazy part about this, Nia is only 13 years old. I really can't believe that more people don't know about her. So Latinos, I'm Pleased to present for your listening enjoyment... NIA! Take it away girlfriend. Make us proud!

Okay! Now that she has blown you away with her singing, get this! She wrote the song. No, I'm not kidding. Talk about a talented Latino.

Here is a little info about Nia her father sent me.

Nia", formally known as Natalie or Natalia Maribojoc is a 13-year-old eighth grade honor roll student at John Muir Middle School from Corcoran California. Nia is the daughter of Victor and Socorro Maribojoc who are very proud parents of her gifted singing talent, as she has been making herself a name in the music world. Nia's involvement in singing began at the age of five years old listening to Mariachi music from Linda Rondstandt, Rocio Durcal, Ana Gabriel, Talia, Selena and many Pop / R&B music Artist to name. Nia first started dancing in a local Folkloric youth group “Sol del Valle" in Hanford California and there Nia was given the opportunity to sing a Mariachi song “Los Laureles”. This became Nia's debut cover song as a singer and since then her passion for music grew as she crossed to sing a variety of genres in pop, r&b, latin pop, mexican rancheras and opera as a soprano soloist. Nia at the age of 9 went to audition for a soprano soloist opening and by mistake her mom miss read the required age for auditioning was 16 years or older. Yet the orchestra director was kind to allow Nia to audition since she had made the trip to the location, and allowed her to participate in the competition. As Nia's started to pipe out her singing voice the Orchestra Director mouth dropped and was blown away by her voice talent at that young age. Consequently, Nia is one of the youngest soprano singer guests ever for this event. In addition, she has been invited participant for the past four years (2004-2008) with the Kings Symphony Orchestra yearly recital Pops Concert in Hanford California. In addition, Nia was selected as a first place winner at the age of 9 for the Kings County Fair "Next Big Thing Talent Show" singing competition. Moreover, since then Nia has performed for many public, private events and local TV stations through out the Central Valley and Southern California and loves to perform in front of big crowds. She is currently working on recording her first original pop / r&b music CD in Los Angeles with distinguished music producer Andrew Lane.

Thank you Mr. Maribojoc God has given you a very special child.

Nia, the world is full of crazy people that will try to get you to grow up too fast because of your gift. You're only going to be a kid once. Enjoy it while you can.
Thanks for sharing your talents with the world. God has given you a special gift. May you always use it to better the lives of others.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Can somebody please get me a tissue? If I get through this without one it will be a miracle. It's not that I'm sad, I'm just really proud of this gal! So let me tell you how I came to know this elect young lady. It all started last fall when she started sending me comments about my Mexican cooking. She was always so sweet and complimentary with her comments. Here is one of them.

"Gracias Ms. Married to a Mexican!
I am a college student who has faced the reality that cafeteria food is not the best and a home cooked meal is much better! My roommates and I loved the rice! It's almost as good as my mom's!"

Well, sweet comments like this led me to her youtube page to learn more about her. What I found there really impressed me. This is a young Latino woman that is reaching out to her community in a BIG way! Marisol is from a suburb of Chicago called Little Village. Here is her story. (Note the article below was written by New leader initiative.)

Marisol Becerra 18 Chicago, IL
In 2003, Marisol volunteered with Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) to map and inventory the toxins found within 150 blocks of her predominantly Mexican-American community, Little Village in Chicago. Marisol was enraged to discover that in Little Village more than 60,000 youth in a two-mile radius of the Fisk and Crawford Coal Power Plants are forced to breathe air that violates EPA standards. She was inspired to act, she said, "in order to shut down these coal power plants, build more parks, and clean up the toxics. We must organize more people to stand up and fight." Her first step was launching the youth branch of LVEJO — Youth Activists Organizing as Today's Leaders, YAOTL. Based on the data Marisol collected, YAOTL collaborated with Chicago-based Open Youth Networks to devise OurMap of Environmental Justice, an interactive online map that includes 12 youth-created videos, descriptions of toxic sites, and gang territory delineations. With this map, Marisol educated her community about local environmental injustice and motivated them to become involved in campaigns. The map uses poignant facts and videos to educate about the different pollutants and contaminants in Little Village that cause 41 premature deaths and 550 emergency room visits annually.

Marisol you are amazing! I can only hope my children will grow up to be great contributors to society like you are.

So guys, I'm just so darn proud of this young Latino. She saw something she thought was wrong and she's doing something about it. I'm reminded of a book called "The Dog Poop Initiative". In this book the author shares a true story about something that happened at one of his kids soccer games. The story goes something like this. A Dad and his son arrive at the soccer field for his sons game. Immediately they are warned not to step in the dog poop on the field by several different people, none of which could be bothered to do anything about the poop themselves. To make a long story short the dad picks up the poop, and as he is throwing it in the trash he hears one of the parents on the field say " Yeah somebody needed to do that". Sometimes it may seem like we live in a society of many complainers and few doers as this story illustrates. I'm so impressed with Marisol's desire to be a doer and not a complainer. We can all learn so much from her example.
You may be thinking to yourself..... Well that's really nice what she doing but I'm just one person what can I really do? I would have to say to you... You can do a lot if you put your mind to it. Marisol is proof of that.
Great job Marisol! You are a Latino to be proud of.
Three cheers for Marisol!

Currently Marisol is attending DePaul University working towards a degree in Public Policy. She will then continue on until she receive her PhD in Environmental Policy

Here is a link to the google maps she has made.,-87.718105&spn=0.036961,0.090981&z=14

Friday, March 6, 2009

R. Evolucion Latina

Ok this is not just about one person, this a whole group of people. Can I just say that these guys are.. LATINO PRIDE! I'm so proud of these young Latinos and what they are doing.....Can I have a drum roll.....I would like to introduce you to R.Evolucion Latina! Here is a little video about this group. Can someone get the lights please? Sorry you will have to supply your own popcorn for this, but can I suggest a little lime and salsa on top. You know me, I can't get away from all that cooking stuff I do.

Enough said! You guys keep doing your thing. Thanks for taking your talents and giving back to the Latino community.

Check out their website and thank them for what they are doing.

Hey guys, don't forget to stop back by tomorrow. We've got soooo many more Latinos to talk about.
Watch for my first post ! I should have it up sometime later today! In the mean time send me your stories to