Monday, March 9, 2009

Natalia Maribojoc

Unbelievable! Girlfriend has some serious pipes! Here is the crazy part about this, Nia is only 13 years old. I really can't believe that more people don't know about her. So Latinos, I'm Pleased to present for your listening enjoyment... NIA! Take it away girlfriend. Make us proud!

Okay! Now that she has blown you away with her singing, get this! She wrote the song. No, I'm not kidding. Talk about a talented Latino.

Here is a little info about Nia her father sent me.

Nia", formally known as Natalie or Natalia Maribojoc is a 13-year-old eighth grade honor roll student at John Muir Middle School from Corcoran California. Nia is the daughter of Victor and Socorro Maribojoc who are very proud parents of her gifted singing talent, as she has been making herself a name in the music world. Nia's involvement in singing began at the age of five years old listening to Mariachi music from Linda Rondstandt, Rocio Durcal, Ana Gabriel, Talia, Selena and many Pop / R&B music Artist to name. Nia first started dancing in a local Folkloric youth group “Sol del Valle" in Hanford California and there Nia was given the opportunity to sing a Mariachi song “Los Laureles”. This became Nia's debut cover song as a singer and since then her passion for music grew as she crossed to sing a variety of genres in pop, r&b, latin pop, mexican rancheras and opera as a soprano soloist. Nia at the age of 9 went to audition for a soprano soloist opening and by mistake her mom miss read the required age for auditioning was 16 years or older. Yet the orchestra director was kind to allow Nia to audition since she had made the trip to the location, and allowed her to participate in the competition. As Nia's started to pipe out her singing voice the Orchestra Director mouth dropped and was blown away by her voice talent at that young age. Consequently, Nia is one of the youngest soprano singer guests ever for this event. In addition, she has been invited participant for the past four years (2004-2008) with the Kings Symphony Orchestra yearly recital Pops Concert in Hanford California. In addition, Nia was selected as a first place winner at the age of 9 for the Kings County Fair "Next Big Thing Talent Show" singing competition. Moreover, since then Nia has performed for many public, private events and local TV stations through out the Central Valley and Southern California and loves to perform in front of big crowds. She is currently working on recording her first original pop / r&b music CD in Los Angeles with distinguished music producer Andrew Lane.

Thank you Mr. Maribojoc God has given you a very special child.

Nia, the world is full of crazy people that will try to get you to grow up too fast because of your gift. You're only going to be a kid once. Enjoy it while you can.
Thanks for sharing your talents with the world. God has given you a special gift. May you always use it to better the lives of others.