Monday, November 2, 2009

Inspira Latino Youth Leadership Conference

I get so excited when I see organizations reaching out to the young Latinos in this country. Did you know that Latinos have the lowest high school graduation rate? When I heard this, sadly it didn't surprise me. I hope after watching this each of us feels motivated to reach out to our young Latino brothers and sisters and encourage them to work hard and reach their full potential.

Many of you may know that my husband, referred to often as "The Mexican" is from a very small village in Mexico. His opportunities were few, yet his father has made it possible for each and everyone of his nine children to graduate from high school and receive a college education. My husband has shared many stories with the kids and I of times when they had nothing and yet his father always found the way to provide. Seven 0f the nine children in his family have received a college diploma or are in the process of it. (One is too young to have done that yet.) I know that even in the toughest poverty stricken situations there is a way to succeed, my husband is proof of that. It is my desire to help in any way that I can. Young Latinos need to know they are just as valuable as the next person and if they have a will there is a way.

Way to go! You guys are doing amazing things.